Strong and Kind

Strong and Kind: And Other Important Character Traits Your Child Needs to Succeed
By Korie Robertson with Chrys Howard / Thomas Nelson

Many parents want to see positive character traits in their children but wonder how to instill them. As stars of the hit reality show “Duck Dynasty”, Korie and Willie Robertson receive loads of letters and messages from fans asking how did they raise such good kids. As Korie will tell you, it wasn’t easy, but it is possible. A straightforward approach to parenting, Strong and Kind helps parents identify the character traits they want to see in their children along with the tools for putting them in place.

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Strong and Kind is a guide for developing and constructing an environment where good character traits can grow. Through the telling of Korie and William Robertson’s own experiences raising their own children and experiences they have gained within their own upbringing they provide great examples which support the overall messages given in Strong and Kind. As a child learns from example, so must a parent display in themselves what they wish to see in their children.

Strong and Kind is written in three parts. Part one shows, within its 6 chapters, why it is important to have good character traits. Part two, within its 9 chapters, thoroughly investigates each character trait. Part three explains how to develop the good character traits, while at the same time showing the parent what their role needs to be in displaying good character.

I found there to be very good child raising examples within Strong and Kind. Some of these examples include but are not limited to;

  • Sending a child to their room when they are unreasonably screaming, fussing, and or throwing a tantrum
  • Be in love with your husband and not your child
  • Do not tolerate bad behavior such as being rude or back-talk
  • Live out what you value
  • People are more important than material items
  • Don’t be overprotective
  • Training a child to sit still in church
  • See how you wish for your child to turn out as an adult and train your child in that direction now (Robertson, 2015)

I highly recommend Strong and Kind to all parents, regardless of which stage of parenting they may be in at the moment.