Ancient Truths For Modern Living [Vol. 1]

book1Ancient Truths For Modern Living [Vol. 1]
by Victor Nunez and Jim Sager

Ancient Truths For Modern Living is a compilation of articles written by both Victor and Jim. Their writing styles are very different from each other. However, they both aim towards the same goal of telling the truth of God’s Word and purpose to the world.

By using their individual styles, both Victor and Jim, bring forth two distinct views of the meaning behind God’s Word and how it can be applied to our lives today.

I found their articles, in this book, to be very enlightening. At times it caused me to reflect on my own life and cry out to God, “Change me”. There were things in my own life which were brought into God’s light, so that they may be revealed. Each chapter/article, which was written in this book, is backed by scripture.

My own thoughts, which have been inspired by God’s Word and teachings, align with many points spoken of in Victor and Jim’s book.

This book was provided to me as a complimentary copy from the authors, Victor Nunez and Jim Sager.


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