Luke Chapters 21-24

Luke Chapters 21-24Red Vintage Kettle 160x600

Jesus foretold that every stone in the temple would be fallen

Do not be fooled by false men [priests, prophets, those claiming to be Christ]

There will be wars and talks of war
Nations against nation; kingdom against kingdom
Earthquakes, famines, diseases, signs from heaven
Disciples/believers in Jesus will be persecuted
Disciples/believers in Jesus will be betrayed by; parents, brethren, kinsfolks, friends, and even some of these will put believers in Jesus to death
Believers will be hated for Jesus’ sake
Believers must endure

When Jerusalem is surrounded by armies the desolation is near

sun, moon, stars, sea & waves roaring
when these things begin your redemption is near

Keep watch [be alert/prepared]
Pray always
That you may be worthy to escape and come before Jesus

The greater will be least
The least will be greatest

Jesus prayed for Simon as Satan was sifting him as wheat

Take your money
and a sword

Pray to keep from entering and being weak to temptations

Repent of your sins
Receive forgiveness after repentance
Preach this in Jesus’ name to all nations
Receive power before preaching


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