Luke Chapter 11-20 Notes


Luke Chapters 11-20Red Vintage Kettle 160x600

Model Prayer;
Acknowledge who God is and address Him according to who He is
Pray according to God’s Will, not your own will
Ask for that day’s Word and direction
Forgive anyone who you have not forgiven, that you may be forgiven

Be persistant in asking for the Holy Spirit and to be filled with the Holy Spirit
Ask; and it will be given to you
Search; and you will find it
Knock; and the door will be opened
If your earthly father gives good gifts;
how much more will your Heavenly Father give

If you are not with Jesus; you are against Him
Anyone who does not gather; scatters

When you hear the Word of God, keep it, and you will be blessed

Your eye is the lamp of the body
Eye is good = whole body filled with light
Eye is bad = whole body filled with darkness
Do not let the light of your body be darkness

A person’s life is not in the abundance of his possessions
The amount of possessions which you have does nothing for your life
You cannot take any of your possessions with you when you pass from this life
Instead store up possessions for Heaven

Do not have your mind occuppied with thoughts of what you need;
but rather have your mind occuppied with thoughts of God’s Kingdom’
then God will provide all of your needs

Always be ready for serving the Lord;
You do not know at what time Jesus will return

If you know and do not do; Your punishment will be great
If you do not know and do not do; your punishment will be light
The amount required depends on the amount given
You are responsible for the amount of knowledge which have gained

There will be father against son;
Son against father;
Mother against daughter;
Daughter against mother;
Mother-in-law against daughter-in-all;
Daughter-in-all against mother-in-all

Repent or Perish

Jesus healed a person without them asking for healing

Good/Righteous works will not permit you to enter the Kingdom of God;
Belief in Jesus and doing the will of the Father in Heaven as He directs you
Do not do things on your own; wait on God’s direction

Choose the lowest positions/places;
Who humbles himself will be exalted
Who exalts himself will be humbled
The person in the lowest position/place can only be raised to a higher position/place
The person in the highest position/place can be lowered to the lowest position/place

When Inviting;
Do not invite those who are able to repay;
Invite the poor, maimed, lame, blind, and anyone who cannot repay
Rather than gaining your reward now, you will build up your reward to receive in Heaven

For those who are invited to the Kingdom of God;
If they refuse…
…God will invite others who will accept
Those who refused will not be permitted to enter

To be a disciple;
You must be able to leave your family and your own life
You must bear your own cross
You must be able to say good-bye to all of your possessions

There is rejoicing and joy in Heaven over one sinner who repents

What is highly admired by people is revolting in God’s sight

Woe to the one who offenses come through;
the one who causes one of Jesus’ believers to stumble

If a believer sins; rebuke him
If a believer repents; forgive him
Forgive the believer as many times as he repents

When you have done all you have been commanded; do not look for a reward or a celebration
You have only done your duty

Your faith heals you; have faith when requesting a healing

God is the God of the living not of the dead;
Because all who come to Him are living (Eternal Life)


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