Mark 11-16 Notes

Mark Chapters 11-16

All things which you ask for in prayer;
Believe that you have already received them
…and you will have them

When praying;
Forgive those which you have anything against, then your Father will forgive you
If you do not forgive those which you have anything against, your Father will not forgive you

God is the God of the living and not God of the dead;
God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Jesus already knew who His betrayer would be

Jesus was in deep distress over what was ahead of Him; the cross-the flogging-all of man’s sin upon Him-separation from His Father in Heaven
He asked for what was ahead of Him to be taken away from Him; But at the same time He asked that the Father’s Will be done and not His own

Preach the gospel (Good News) to all of the world and all of creation
[Those who believe and are baptized will be saved; Those who do not believe will be condemned]

Signs accompanying believers;
Driving out demons in Jesus’ name
Speaking in new languages [speaking in tongues]
Picking up snakes
No deadly drink will harm them
Laying hands on the sick, the sick becoming well

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