Luke 1-10 Notes

Luke Chapters 1-10

Zechariah was a priest
Zechariah & Elizabeth were…righteous, old
Elizabeth was barren
An angel spoke to Zechariah with a name [John] for the son which Elizabeth would soon conceive
The name [John] was not a name from any of Zechariah’s relatives, it was the custom in those days to give a name from a relative [this went against tradition]
Zechariah was made silent, due to his unbelief in what the angel told him, until the birth of his son [John]
During the first 5 months of pregnancy Elizabeth remained secluded
During the sixth month of Elizabeth’s pregnancy, John [within her womb] was filled by the Holy Spirit upon Mary’s visit to Elizabeth
Mary stayed with Elizabeth until her ninth month of pregnancy

Dedicate each first born male to the Lord

Produce fruit which aligns with your repentance of your sins
If good fruit is not produced, the result is being thrown into the fire

If you have two shirts, give one to someone who has none
If you have food, share some with someone who has none

Be satisfied with your wages

In all responses use scripture/God’s Word “It is written”

Not all widows were visited, due to unbelief
Not all skin diseases were healed, due to unbelief

Jesus taught in the synagogues on the Sabbath

Jesus rebuked the fever of Simon’s mother n’ law and it left her

Jesus prayed in deserted places away from the crowds

The poor are blessed
the hungry are blessed
those who weep are blessed
those who are hated, excluded, insulted, slandered because of Jesus are blessed
Woe to the self-satisfied

Love your enemies
Do good to those who hate you
Bless those who curse you
Pray for those who mistreat you
Give to anyone who asks
Do not ask for something which someone takes from you
Do for others as you would want them to do for you
Love your enemies
Do good
Lend, without expecting something in return
Be merciful

Do not judge
Do not condemn
What you give out will be given back to you…
…you give out judgment, you will be judged the same intensity if not more
…you give out condemnation, you will be condemned the same intensity if not more
…you give out forgiveness, you will be forgiven the same intensity if not more
…you give out an act of giving, you will be given in return the same intesity if not more

A good man produces good, from a good heart
An evil man produces evil, from an evil heart
A man’s mouth speaks from what comes out of his heart;
what is spoken will be good or evil depending on if the heart is good or evil

If you call Jesus Lord, do the things He says
From what you hear from Jesus, act upon what you hear
Do not only be hearers of the word, but be doers as well

My desire; to rest my head at the feet of Jesus
To wash Jesus’ feet with my tears
To dry them with my hair
To kiss them
To anoint them with fragrant oil

Seed = Word of God
Seed along the Path;
Heard-Word is taken from the heart by the devil to turn away from believing and being saved
Seed on the rock;
Hear-Joy-Believes for a while-departs in a time of testing
Seed among thorns;
Heard-Worries, Riches, Pleasures of Life overtake them-no mature fruit is produced
Seed in good ground;
Heard-Honest-Good heart-Holds onto the word-Endures-Bears fruit

Jesus gave disciples;
Power and authority over all demons
Power to heal diseases
Instrucitons to Proclaim the Kingdom of God (Good News)

To Go with Jesus you must;
Deny yourself
Take up your cross daily
Follow Jesus
Whoever is ashamed of Jesus and His words; Jesus will be ashamed of them also

Jesus knows the thoughts of men’s hearts

Whoever is not against you, is for you

Put Jesus and your service to Him above all people and circumstances
Jesus comes first

There are many who have not yet received the Good News and Salvation
There are few who have delivered the Good News
Pray for more people to go out into all of the world and deliver the Good News

Whoever listens to you, listens to Jesus
Whoever rejects you, rejects Jesus
Whoever rejects Jesus, rejects God

Jesus gave the disciples the authority to trample snakes & scorpions
gave authority over all the power of the enemy
Nothing will ever harm you
But do not rejoice in the spirits submitting to you and all that you have authority over; rejoice that your name is written in Heaven

A neighbor is one who shows mercy

Don’t be too busy about your tasks to consider what is most important, Jesus


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