Mark 1-10 Notes

Mark Chapters 1-10

Water baptism = baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins
Holy Spirit baptism = performed by Jesus

The people brought Jesus the sick and demon-possessed
Jesus would not let the demons speak, because they knew Him

Jesus ate with tax collectors and sinners

Disciples did not fast while Jesus was with them

Jesus’ disciples picked heads of grain on the Sabbath
David and his men ate sacred bread
“The Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath…”
Jesus healed on the Sabbath

Jesus changed the names of Simon [Peter] and James & John [Boanerges = Sons of Thunder]
Peter, James, and John also accompanied Jesus many places where the rest of the disciples did not

If you say someone has an unclean spirit or you speak against their spirit, when they have the Holy Spirit, you blaspheme the Holy Spirit
blasphemy of the Holy Spirit = Unforgivable Sin

“Pay attention to what you hear. By the measure you use, it will be measured and added to you.”
If you use and act upon what you hear, you will hear more
If you do not use or act upon what you have heard, even what you heard will be forgotten

The meaning of parables was made known to Jesus’ disciples, but everyone else it was left as parables without the meaning given

Demons desire a place to rest
When being cast out demons desire to inhabit a body for rest
If not, they wander around without being able to rest (in places without water)

Unbelievers, doubters, and mockers were put out of the room in some cases – raising of the dead

preached repentance
drove out demons
anointed the sick with olive oil and healed them
traveled to a remote place, to rest, after doing their work

Enforced traditions of the Elders;
washing hands before eating
washing cups
washing jugs
washing copper utensils
washing dining couches
Pharisees kept man-made traditions and performed them over validating and keeping the commands of God

Jesus made all foods clean
Nothing defiled a man by going into a man from his mouth through his stomach
Man was defiled by what came out of his heart and through his mouth;
Evil thoughts
Sexual immoralities
Evil actions

Some unclean spirits come out only by prayer and fasting

Don’t stop those who drive out demons in the name of Jesus; even if they do not follow in the same group as you
Do not cause the downfall of a believer in Jesus
Have salt among you and be at peace with each other

Man must not separate a man and woman who are married [joined together as one person]
Do not divorce; even though it may be permitted under some circumstances [sexual immorality…an unbeliever leaving a believer of their own will and choice]

Do not dominate over one another;
To be great; be another’s servant
To be first; be another’s slave


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