The Order of Relationships

What does your relationship tree look like?

Does it resemble the following: Jesus…husband…children…church…family…friends…acquaintances…work friends…professional networks…

Who are our closest friends? Do they hold on to the same beliefs and faith which we do each day? …Or are they the exact opposite of who we are now?

I have found that those who appear to be my closest friends (bff’s) are those who are not disciples of Jesus or on fire for Him. However, the ones who are disciples of Jesus and choose to follow His ways are farther from being my closest friends (actually there is not much (if at all) contact with them outside of church services or events (not particularly due to anyone’s fault, just life’s circumstances building walls between us).

How are we to place other disciples and like-minded people as our closest friends in our relationship tree, when they are the farthest from us? Why are the ones already in the position of closest friends, so far from being disciples of Jesus…but yet some of their behaviors resemble what you would expect from a disciple of Jesus? Is there something missing in the behaviors of most disciples of Jesus today? Why do some disciples behave as non-disciples and non-disciples resemble disciples? This is all very confusing. Furthermore, how does a disciple of Jesus gain other disciples to place in their closest friend positions? Do they already have groups and circles which are too full to accommodate another disciple friendship?

There is nothing wrong with being a friend to non-disciples, for we might end up being the light in their darkness. However, our closest friends should be disciples which encourage and help to keep our fires lit for Jesus…having the same perspectives and faith as we do now as a new creation in Jesus.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this or have seen/experienced this in their own lives? Please comment…


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