Judge Not Lest Thee Be Judged…

Last week I did something which made me appear no better than anyone else in this world who sins (actually, by my thoughts and actions, there would have been no distinction of differences). In my thoughts I judged two different people at different times. Not only was I judging them in my mind, but I shared my judgment with others as to bring more judgment upon these individuals in a mocking manner. I can tell you that those actions were definitely not ones that would belong to a follower of Jesus. I have acknowledged what I have done and seen it for what it is. I have asked the Lord for His mercy upon me and repented of my actions, not wishing to do them again. By this open confession I am holding myself accountable to all who reads it. Therefore, there is no hiding from what I have done and no pretending on who I am or my character. I am a continual work in progress…each time my stumbles are made known to me through the Holy Spirit, I detest what I have done…others may see it as nothing…but I see it as a large something that places dirt on the name of Jesus. I am nowhere near perfect, but I do strive to be like Jesus in every way I can…even when I keep falling on my face…times like these find me lifting up my head, outstretched my arm, and asking the Lord to pick me up and dust me off so I can start over again…..Thinking back on these written words, I wonder to myself how many times have I placed judgment on others where I have no authority to do so in the first place.


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