How Do I Look?

So many of us are concerned about the way we look (including myself)… is my hair out-of-place?, …did I choose the right outfit to wear?, …has my makeup smeared?, …does this clothing complement my figure?, …is there anything on my face?, …will my blemishes be cleared up by the time I have to speak? …and on and on it goes…

…But God is not concerned with all that makes up our outward appearance. He does not care if… our hairstyle looks strange,  is too short, or is too long,  …our clothes make us look bigger than what we actually are, …our makeup has big streaks on our face, …our face contains scars and blemishes.

The only ones that care about these things are ourselves and those people who judge by appearances and make appearances more important than what is on the inside.

What if we all started looking at what is in the heart, rather than what is on the outside of each person? What kind of world would this be if outward appearances were not made to be as valuable as they are today? Would people look into mirrors less? Would they take less pictures? Would they say nicer things to more people? Would more hugs be given out? Would there be more marriages and marriages that lasted longer?

What if we looked at ourselves and each other as God looks at us all?


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