? Questions To Ponder

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Are we being consistent in re-evaluating and re-examining our daily lives to see if we have anything hindering our devotion to God? Some things may require disposal and prompt removal, while others may only require adjustments. Is there anything blocking what we need today?


Have we truly buried our old selves when we answered Jesus’ call to receive His free gift given to us by Grace for eternal life, so that we may become a new creation in Jesus Christ…or is the grave for our old self still open and the soil yet to be placed upon it? How can we be a new creation in Christ if our old selves have not fully died? Are we hanging on to parts of what we once were before we believed in and truly knew Jesus?


When a voice speaks to you, are you hearing your own voice or are you hearing God’s voice?


Do we serve God out of our own free will and desire? Are we devoted to serve or to Jesus?


Are we requesting from God more than we are giving to God of ourselves and our service? Is there anything in our lives that is in competition with our loyalty to God?


Are we waiting and listening for God or starting without Him?


Many are called, but few are chosen…few prove themselves the chosen ones…


Is God real to you with all else put into the shadows? Does God have center stage in your life?


Are we depending on God alone or are we receiving dependence from other areas as well?


Are we still in love with God as we first were when we answered His call to us? Are we still hungering and thirsting after Him or are we focused on how our hunger and thirst can be satisfied by Him? Are we looking for what He can do for us or are we seeing how we can be used by Him? Are we still so in love with God that all we see and want is Him?


Are we waiting for God to me to us or are we going to Him?


Are we looking up to God…or looking down upon our worldly circumstances?


Who are you living for…your family…your work…your children…your friends…your career…your own desires….?


Are we leaving room in every area of our lives for God to come in at any moment…at His moment?


Are we giving thought for our lives or are we giving it all to God?



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