Weed Control

 (Photo credit: RaeAllen)


The things we cast out of our lives, we often return to or are tempted to return to them. They invade our once purified world, as weeds pollute a well-grown and kept garden. How often do we give into it and then must cast it out again. How often do the weeds of our past sin and repentance grow again in our gardens.


Saul in the book of 1 Samuel, cast out all the mediums and the spiritist from the land. When it came a time in which he was not hearing from God, he searched out for what he previously had already cast out of the land. Saul requested his servants to find him a medium. The medium they found was En Dor. When Saul went to her, he disguised himself.


To me this shows that he did not want to be known as going to something which was cast out sin. He knew it was wrong, but he was doing it anyway under a disguise. He went to executing desperate sinful actions, because he was not receiving the answers from God at that time.


Since Saul did not hear from God, he acquired of the dead through a medium in attempting to contact Samuel (who was already in the grave).


What sins do we return to when we are not receiving answers when we want them or things are not going as we think they should at our appointed time? What weeds keep growing in our garden and are constantly being cast out again and again?


Cast out the sin, do not return to what you have repented of, but go forward focuses on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.



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