Pleading In The Storm

(Photo credit: Captain Kimo)

This morning I was reading through Exodus 7-9, concerning the plagues of Egypt. Moses was sent to the Pharaoh to show him God’s power and ask that he let Israel go. Each plague was directed at an Egyptian God, which was a display of their God’s lack of power against the one and only true God.

However, there was something else that I noticed in these chapters, how Pharaoh handled the plagues. Whenever Pharaoh was afflicted with a plague, he pleaded with Moses to get rid of it. He also agreed to do what Moses wanted, anything just to get rid of and stop the plague. After the plague was gone, Pharaoh changed his mind and was no longer in a pleading position. Pharaoh’s heart became hardened and he would not let Israel go.

So when Pharaoh was faced with a problem he could not solve on his own, he pleaded for it to be resolved and agreed to anything in order to quicken the process. Whenever things were normal and fine, he took back all of his agreements, as there was nothing troubling that he could not handle.

Do we ever become like that? When things are looking bad and we are in the midst of the storm, we plead to God for him to help us and take away the storm. When the sun is out, all is good, and there is nothing too great for us to handle, do we forget our promises. Do we not go to God then, but only when things look out of control.

God keeps all of his problems to us, no matter what the weather looks like. God wants a relationship with us where we come to Him in the good and bad times. We are not only to follow Christ when things aren’t looking all that great, but we are to continue to follow Christ in all moments of our life. Let us not be like Pharaoh, who rejected God. Let us be true followers of Christ in the storm and when the sun is shining its golden beams down upon us.



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