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Throughout these past 5 weeks I have seen a lot of different views on God and Christian beliefs. I have read from textbooks various views contrasting to the truth of God and the Bible. It has been extremely hard to push myself forward without stating the truth of God, while viewing morals, ethics, theories, and what is right or wrong. How can God not be included in it. God is the one who directs us to what is right, He alerts us to what is wrong, and gives us commandments to follow. Philosophy does not seem to include this information within it. In my view, I see philosophy as man made thinking which was created by analyzing thoughts, behaviors, and actions. I do not see philosophy as something that has come from God or that includes God.

From what I have read and seen these past 5 weeks, it has formed a strong in-my-face realization of how much God has been deliberately taken out of many areas of life. God has been taken out of logical ways of thinking, out of schools, out of government, and out of freedom to speak. I am starting to have an inkling of how God grieves for us, His children. How each untrue remark must bring Him sadness for us. Each time I see something that is in contrast to the Bible or God, I feel like someone is throwing darts at me and my Lord. I want to rise up and defend Him; to say you cannot say those things about my Lord…they are untrue. Like I believe what I know to be true, they also have a strong belief in what they know to be true. I am sure they are seeing my views in the same way that I may be seeing theirs, they see mine is being untrue and theirs as being true. It is not easy to live in the world, while not being of the world. It is like being an alien in a strange world, you know you weren’t made for that world.

I know that there is only one true God. How I know this I am not exactly sure, but I do know it to be true. I believe it with all of my heart, mind, and soul. I know that Jesus was God come in the flesh to save us from debt we owed according to the law. I know that Jesus knew no sin and all of our sin was upon Him at the cross. Jesus was the true and perfect sacrifice for us, that we may live and have eternal life with the Father and a relationship. I know that Jesus died and rose from the dead 3 days later, then ascended into Heaven, leaving with us a comforter; the Holy Spirit. I know that there is only one way to Heaven and to eternal life in Heaven, that is believing upon Jesus and what He had done. Recognizing Him as Lord and Savior, then repenting of all our sinful ways and accepting His ways. I know all of this to be true, in my heart, mind, and soul. My prayer and desire is for the whole world to know this as well. They have free will to choose what they wish, but I just want them to know.


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