Am I Lacking

(Photo credit: the|G|™)

Look not at what you lack, like those who remained in the wilderness for 40 years. They were lacking something, but it was not material needs. What they were lacking was true Faith in God for all things. Throughout their travels they constantly pointed out what they did not have. Once they were given, what they whined for, they became very grateful. However, it would not be long after they received what they wanted, then they would find something else to complain and whine about. They repeatedly accused God of bringing them into the wilderness to die, rather than letting them die in Egypt. Something they did not realize was that if God leads you somewhere, He will provide for all your needs along the way.

For us it would be better to turn our eyes to the blessings which we have already obtained and received from God. By keeping your eyes on your sorrows, all that you reap will be sorrows. Instead let us turn our gaze to our merciful and loving God. Let our eyes not depart from the Lord and the Lord’s blessings will not depart from us.


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