Bad Events Preventing Worse Events

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Nothing had really popped into my mind to write about this past Thursday, I apologize for the gap in posts.


However, recently I found myself immersed in an excellent book. It contains true stories from all types of people, having all types of situations. Each situation includes the hand of God within the midst of it. The title of the book is When God Makes Lemonade: True Stories That Amaze & Encourage by Don Jacobson. You will be able to find more information about this book in  As The Page Turns…Book Reviews.


There was something I noticed as I was reading many of these true-life stories. God’s hand and plan was within each situation, either to change it at the end or to prevent something else from happening. Included in the stories were numerous times an unfortunate injury or bad life event occurred. It was terrible to think of such events happening in someone else’s life and then to imagine it happening in my own life was beyond comprehension. The initial question which comes to the surface in most people during these circumstances  is “Why?”. Often the situation cannot be understood concerning why it happened and at that particular time. When a person takes a step back and looks at the whole picture, they see the why explained and are not so upset about the current situation.


Often times something may have occurred to prevent something even worse from happening.  For example; going in for an unexpected surgery to discover the prevention of something even worse, which would not be otherwise detected. The destruction of one’s own property, only to realize that it was your own property which saved a person’s life. There are also instances in our life that we see as terrible, but actually provide a way to direct us on to a better path in life.


I was suddenly able to see so many praiseworthy results among terrible circumstances. It gave me a new perspective to look at the mishaps and sad events of the life around me.


Let not our first response be to question God and ask why or to complain in anger, but rather praise God in thanksgiving. Look beyond what the average eye sees and uncover the blessing  that was given to us so freely.


How many things in my own life have happened to me, only to save me from something worse that could have happened? I am so thankful to God for watching over me, as my life unfolds, only desiring the best for me. I do not always know what the best for me is, nor can I always see the big picture. Thank you God for always being there!





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