Light Reveals What Is In The Darkness

A powerful light shining in the dark.


Sometimes you can see your own self through the words which are spoken from your lips unto others… And there, a revelation is born.
“Praise you God,  for showing me the truth in myself through my own words. I thank you for bringing things to the surface, so that your marvelous light can shine upon them. Making what was once unknown, to be known.


There are times when we paint a picture of ourselves; who we are and who we will not become. It is interesting how who we will not become can easily arise without a warning and slip into who we are. It is not even noticed until God chooses a time to shed His wonderful, magnificent light upon it. Revealing what was once hidden in the darkness. What was invisible to us is now made visible. It is up to us to choose how to deal with and react to this new found awareness. Do we sweep it back into the darkness or do we accept and admit to what is shown. In admitting to the truth of what is…we choose to see what we did as unrighteous and choose not return to it again.


I, myself, had one of those encounters. I thought I would know what to do at the time, when multiple blessings occurred. I thought I would be able to handle it wisely, without giving into excess and overdoing it. As much as I saw the vision of myself in the future, not giving into the desires of the fleshly heart and the material things of this world…I plunged in with both hands, eager for grabbing the most desirous of material items of which my eyes rested upon. Did my hands and eyes become satisfied after the first plunge…no, they became even more eager to gain so much wonderful things, which were out of their reach for such a long time before the mighty blessings had fallen.


How did I become aware of what I had done and the excess in which I continued? I spoke words to another about a relationship with God and the priorities of our choosing, which sometimes get in the way of our relationship causing there to be a distance between. As I came to the end of my words, I saw what I had done in my own self. I had become carried away with my worldly activities, thus creating great excess without moderation or balance. Was I a squirrel that must save up and capture all the acorns for winter? I should say not, for I am a higher evolved creature than that of the squirrel. I have been designed in God’s own image. Therefore, I know the difference between moderation, balance, and excess (greed/gluttony). However, I did not adhere to my own knowledge of such things, instead my actions did not cease until the words were spoken and God shed His light into my darkness.


I am so thankful for God’s correction and showing us when we have stepped too far over the line. It enables us to be reeled back in to where we belong…on the path of Jesus…following in God’s Ways.


Thank you God….I praise you!!!



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