Notes From Matthew

As I was reading chapter 10 in the book of Matthew, I began to take notes. I would like to share those notes with you. These are instructions which disciples are to follow.

Preach saying, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand”.
Heal the sick
Cleanse the lepers
Raise the dead
Cast out devils
Freely give, as you freely receive
Take nothing of value with you, God will supply your needs
In each town, stay with a fellow believer or a person of good character
If they do not receive you and hear what you say, consider them rejected
When you are put before the council, God will give you the words to say
You shall be hated by man
When a city persecutes you, go to another city
Fear not man
Do not live a life of self-gratification

“Be like Jesus in…

…Freedom from the world
…Walking in newness of life
…Enduring persecutions
…Fruit of the Spirit
…Total setting apart for God’s work
…Walking in the light
…Unity with God
…Suffering for others
…Life and conduct
…Enduring temptations
…Manifesting the fullness of God, put God first” (Dake, 2011, p. 18NT)

Dake, F.J.(2011).Dake’s annotated reference bible.Lawrenceville, GA: Dake Publishing, Inc.

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