As A Child Learns


As I was sitting in church one Sunday, the thought came into my mind of how the things of which we see and hear has an effect upon us. What I have heard often from people, goes contrary to what I was thinking. I have often heard it said that movies and TV shows are fictional and not real. Therefore if they are not real, then the content within them will not affect our lives or our spirit. The same has been said for what has been heard in conversations surrounding people.Later, as I  thought upon this further, I thought of how wrong some people could be in their perceptions of what can have an affect upon their lives and what cannot. I also thought of how what we see and hear could be compared to that of a child or baby as it learns.From the moment a child is born, they are already learning (in fact I have heard it said that children can even start learning while they are still in the womb). Some things that help children to learn is what they see and what they hear. Word also become associated with the behaviors they see acted out following or preceding those words.

In the early stages of life, children are often banned from things associated with or containing violence, sexual content, and strong language. Why are children isolated from these behaviors? Is it because the parents do not want them exposed to these elements for fear they may learn from them and adopt these actions into their own lives?

As a follower of Jesus Christ we are to have a pure mind and a pure heart. Do you think that a mind and heart can be pure by watching movies, watching TV shows, and listening to conversations which contain violence, sexual content, or strong language? Do you think that this type of content will not dull your senses in what you are exposing yourself to on a continual basis?

Be seeing and hearing the same type of things over and over again, we become familiar to them. We do not acknowledge them as we previously had in the beginning. We become desensitized to them. How you can tell you are desensitized to something and it has affected your life and walk with Jesus is if you are listening to a conversation and you cannot tell that someone has cursed or used strong language. If you are watching a movie and the sexual and violent content does not cause a negative reaction in you, cause you to cringe, or to turn away. This de-sensitizing works on a person gradually, they expose themselves to stronger and stronger negative content more and more over time, until their behaviors cannot be separated from what that does not follow Jesus Christ.

Let me assure you, we do become affected by what we surround ourselves with in our lives. If we are always around and envelop ourselves into what is pure and righteous, we will lean towards purity and righteousness. However, if we are always around the strong language, violence, and sexual content, we will lean towards negative behaviors and  thoughts.

Let us learn how to be like Jesus Christ as a child learns.

“And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 18: 3, KJV).


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