A Piece to the Puzzle

G Puzzle

There is a piece missing within all of us from the day we are born. There are many attempted ways for this space to be filled. Some of these are; astrology, alcohol, drugs, material items, tarot, gem stones, new age, money, fornication, violence, addictions, and various other ways.

Oh, these ways may appear to fill the empty space, but there is still a gap which has not been completely sealed. How do I know this, because I have been there and experienced both sides. Searching and searching different ways/things to occupy and fill the empty space. Nothing was complete. Of course it did feel like I was at peace with my search for a short time, but then that feeling of longing for something which just is not there. Then I invited Jesus Christ into that empty space and I became whole. There was no gaps, He filled them all.
Do you have an empty space which you are trying to fill? Are there gaps where the wind is blowing through? Has your empty space been sealed and filled by our Lord Jesus Christ?

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