A Desire to be Pregnant


There are many women today who desire to have a child, but are not able to conceive. They go through all kinds of tests and procedures to conceive successfully. Some do succeed after a time, then there are those who still do not conceive no matter what they try.

As it is today, it was also like this in the days of the Bible, without all of the technology and drugs. There were many women in the Bible who did not have any children. Also there are some who are mentioned, which were barren and their wombs were made open. Let’s take a look at some of these women.

Sarai (Sarah) was barren, she did not wait on God, and she took matters into her own hands for children. By doing this it resulted in thing going quite wrong. If only she had waited on God, things would have gone a lot smoother and without all of the drama that occurred. However, God stood by His promise, even though Sarai did not wait on Him. God opened Sarai’s womb for her to bare children in her old age (Genesis 16, Genesis 21:1-2, Hebrews 11:11)

Rebekah was barren and her husband, Isaac, went to the Lord for her. The Lord opened up her womb and doubly blessed her with twins (Genesis 25:21)

God opened Leah’s womb in His own time (Genesis 29:31).

Rachel was also barren and God opened up her womb in His own time (Genesis 30:22-24).

Monah’s wife was barren. An angel appeared before her and gave her instructions on what she was to do. Her womb was opened (Judges 13:1-24)

Hannah was barren, for the Lord had shut up her womb. Hannah prayed to the Lord and made a vow to give her child to Him. The Lord opened up Hannah’s womb (1 Samuel 1:1-20)

Michal despised David for the way in which he was worshiping God with his dancing. She did not have any children till the day of her death (2 Samuel 6)

There was a Shunammite woman who was barren and her husband was old. God opened up her womb, after she had selflessly shown kindness to Elisha (2 Kings 4)

Elisabeth was barren and well along in years. An angel appeared before her husband, Zacharias, and told him of the child his wife would conceive. Zacharias was looking for a sign that he may know this to be true. Zacharias was not able to speak from the day of the angel’s visitation until the birth of the child his wife conceived (Luke 1:7).

These are miracles and answers to prayer, without the use of technology or any type of medications. (I am not saying that God does not work through technology and the use of medications, I am saying in those times these things were not available to them and they still conceived) One thing that is common among these women is prayer. They or their husbands went to God about their situation. God also opened up their wombs in His time. It was not done in their time, but rather in the time that God had chosen.


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