Following Instructions: Step 1…Step 2…

The Victory of Joshua over the Amalekites

As I was reading along in the book of Joshua, I discovered how God can be for us or against us. Of course whether He is for us or against us depends on us.

Whenever the people followed God’s instructions and performed actions according to His plan, He was behind all that they did. When God is behind what we do, we receive victory and success. However, when the people did not do as God had instructed, He was not behind them. This resulted in failure. It always seems that when something goes wrong, the people would come to God and ask Him “Why did this happen?”, “Why did You do this to us?”.

I am sure since I am reading the big picture of how the events occurred I can understand it better than the people could at that time. In my mind I am thinking, “You did wrong that is why things did not go right, it is not God’s doing but your own doing”. It seems so simple to think all we have to do is follow the instructions that God gives to us.

However, people for some reason believe that their way is the better way and that it will not hurt anything if they do not follow God’s instructions completely. Wrong! When God gives us instructions it is for a reason and each instruction has its own purpose according to the plan that God has for us. Why would God reward us for something that is outside of what He told us to do? He is not going to be behind a plan that was changed from His original design. A lot of times people create a distance between themselves and God by starting to do what they believe is right in their own eyes, diverting themselves from God’s righteous path and the plan that He has for their lives. A lot of times people want to follow what makes sense to them and the outcome which they can already perceive. Although, God’s plans for us do not always make sense and the outcome is not easily seen, it is the best plan and choice for us.

I do not know about you, but I would rather have God behind me in whatever I do. Therefore, I would want to follow the instructions that He gives to me and not make up my own path. My own path could lead to my own destruction and failure, whereas His path leads to victory and eternal life.


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